While you have come across various microfiber cloths many a times but you haven’t ever given it a try. So it is imperative for you to understand the importance of having the right cleaning products with you to achieve optimum cleaning without spending much of your time or efforts. Randomly picking any micro fiber cloth will definitely never be able to meet your expectation as there are many low quality and replicated microfiber cloths available in the market which do not make any difference to your cleaning routine and you will end up having disappointment towards all microfiber cloths. Rubbermaid microfiber cloth provides ultimate hygiene solution for your professional and flawless cleaning routine. It will not only reduce the amount of cleaning solution and harsh chemicals needed to clean but also removes more bacteria from the surface as compared to an ordinary cloth. It is absolutely bleach safe and durable up to 500 laundering.

Rubbermaid microfiber mitts are also amazing alternate for efficient dusting; it is absolutely light weight, sturdy and provides ultimate ease of dusting. These microfiber mitts are used in pair to enhance efficiency, and its double sided fabric makes cleaning easier for irregular surfaces. These microfiber mitts are highly absorbent and are equally effective to be used even without any cleaning solution. Premium quality Rubbermaid microfiber cloths, micro fiber mitts and microfiber towels are in different colors so that they may be allocated for different purposes as red color is for washroom and green for office make it easier to recognize and avoid the hassle of shuffling. Original Rubbermaid commercial products are easily available at Hazari Impex, which will definitely add a great help to improve your overall cleaning experience.

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