Summers are around the corner and facing perpetual heat wave is something very common nowadays due to climate change. Constant power cut makes the situation even miserable when your refrigerators do not get sufficient continuous energy and you end up having no option. As majority of the people are not even privileged enough to have power backup so it is better to be prepared beforehand, because all the Coleman coolers and ice boxes get out of stock as soon as summer hits. Coleman coolers and iceboxes are absolutely useful in extreme weather and they offer tremendous value and ease. Coleman coolers and ice boxes are featured with light weight and reasonable size that provide ease of carrying.

Coleman claims that Coleman ice boxes can keep ice frozen for a full week that is 170 hours. These specially designed ice boxes and coolers are supposed to provide you ultimate ease of use. Therefore, Coleman coolers and ice boxes are featured with drainage port which makes it easier to wash or drain spilt water through its convenient drainage port, this way you don’t have to flip them all the way to wash these coolers and iceboxes. Some of the Coleman coolers are designed with wheels to make the transportation convenient. Coleman cooler and ice boxes provide thick insulation technology to maintain temperature for several days. The whole range of products are easily available at Hazari Impex online and in store. Coleman offers wide range of coolers and ice boxes in different models designs, shapes and colors to fulfill your specific need according to your choice.

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