Drinking plenty of water in intense weather is the only way to be healthy and active throughout summers. Keeping yourself hydrated in summers is even more difficult than winters as you lose significant amount of fluids in hot weather. So do not wait to feel thirst instead increase your water intake by keeping a bottle of drink with you all the time. Keeping water cold for longer time in normal bottle is not possible especially in summers. In scorching hot weather drinking plain water is nearly impossible so you need to carry right water bottle with you to have sustained temperature of water or beverage of your choice. Vacuum insulated water bottle by Thermos is a perfect choice to take keep cold water with you all the time. There is a wide range of Thermos bottles and flasks available in different sizes and shapes that hold sufficient beverage that you may sip entire day.

Thermos water bottles and Thermos flasks feature durable stainless steel on the interior and exterior that won't rust and maintains temperature for 24 hours. Thermos bottles of slim classic design would easily fit in the side pockets of any bag pack and make them easy to carry where ever you go. Thermos double walled vacuum insulation never lets the outer body of the bottle get sweaty or hot and also it is absolutely leak proof. Thermos bottles are smash proof and user friendly lids allow you to just flip and drink without having any fear of splash. Thermos flask and water bottles would add great help in summers to surprise you with cold water anytime of the day.

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