Keeping a disposable water bottle with us is a common practice wherever we go, as we always find it an easiest and economical option. Whereas hardly we give heed to the fact that how we are putting the life of our loved ones’ on stake and polluting environment just to save a little cost. As these disposable bottles are not supposed to be used more than once, hence we need to look for better options to keep water either at home or while travelling which are environment friendly too.

Coleman cooler and Coleman jugs are perfect substitute of these toxic disposable water bottles. These jugs and coolers are absolutely easy to carry and safe to use. So once you will invest in buying your favorite Coleman coolers or Coleman jugs you will have the utility for lifetime. Especially designed Coleman jugs and coolers are environment friendly, its ThermOzone insulation technology contains no CFC, HFC or HCFC which deplete ozone layer.

Coleman jugs and coolers are easy to use, its wide mouth top and twist on cap gives the ease of filling and flip top faucet spout gives you the convenience of dispensing drink without any spill. Its interlocking base and lid makes it simple to stack and store various items. Coleman jugs and coolers are available in different colors that allow you to organize drinks by colors. Coleman jugs have screw top lid that stays secure on your adventures. They are available in different sizes and shapes and can easily be found at Hazari Impex online store as well as in our Lahore store.

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