Hudson Premium Inflatable Canoe

Model No. : 14911

Rs. 50,000.00 50000.00

For 2 adults, most inflatables just don't have enough leg room - that's never a problem with the Sevylor Hudson. All of the 3 seats in the Hudson can be moved around or removed completely making this inflatable highly versatile. Simply take out the middle seat and you've got loads of space for 2 adults to stretch out in. Keep the third seat in place and take one of the kids along with you. Or go the whole hog and take all the seats out so the kids can go out on their own and have a blast.

The Hudson is extremely stable and easy to paddle, it tracks in a straight line well and manoevres with minimal effort. Its tough outer covering will take the knocks of every day use and the internal PVC bladders are easily fixed or replaced should a puncture occur. 

On arrival at your launch point the Hudson is quick and easy to inflate thanks to the new Single Inflation Valve that is located at the rear of the kayak for easy access. The front, rear and side carry handles on this inflatable canoe make light work of carrying the Hudson to and from the water, and deflating at the end of the day is even faster using the same Boston valves and then you simply roll the boat up into its carry bag for the trip home.

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