ABC Acrylic Sealant 100 500 Grams

Model No. : ABC-04

Rs. 250.00 250.00


  • In expansion joints between prefabricated building elements
  • In assembly of wood, PVC, iron and aluminum joinery
  • In the combination of plaster, windowsill and other building materials of all kinds of joinery
  • In pre-paint applications against cracks

Features / Advantages

  • After drying, the waterproof layer forms a layer
  • It is weather resistant and maintains its flexibility for a long time
  • paintable
  • Since it is water based, it does not affect the filled surface.
  • It can be easily used in aluminum, wooden and PVC frame and window installations due to its water, wind and moisture resistance.

Approval / Standards

EN 15651-1 F-INT

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